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Dr Gauranga Chandra Mohanta, ndc, was born on 07 January 1962 in Lalmonirhat. He joined Bangladesh Civil Service (Admin) on 15 February 1988. Dr Mohanta has a BA (Hons) and an MA in English from the University of Dhaka. He did a PhD in English Literature at the University of North Bengal, India. He attended a number of courses both at home and abroad. The training courses he completed in Bangladesh are Bangladesh Military Academy Training, Treasury Training, Foundation Training, Land Management, Survey and Settlement, Cluster Village Project Development, Law and Administration, Advanced law and Administration and Executive Certificate Course for Strategic Management of Anti-corruption Programme. The training courses he took abroad include Negotiation Techniques and Effective Public Management from Open University, Malaysia; Managing Change in the Singapore Public Service (MATT-2 Programme) from Civil Service College, Singapore; Managing at the Top (MATT-2) from Bradford University, United Kingdom.

He lives in Dhaka with his wife Rina and their children Twisha and Apratim.


He participated in International Seminar on Knowledge Management (Dhaka), International Conference on Administrative Reforms in South and Southeast Asia (Dhaka), PATA’s 60th Anniversary and Conference (China), Conference on Tourism Industry (Singapore), Conference on Promoting Tourism for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction (Turkey), UNCTAD XIII Conference (Qatar). He travelled America, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Finland, China, Turkey, Japan, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and United Arab Emirate in order to perform various official jobs.


Dr Mohanta’s hobbies include writing poems and prose, travelling and listening to music. His first collection of poems, Adhiprantar Jure Chhayasarir (A Shadowy Figure Pervades the Agonized Prairie) and a research work, Robert Frost: A critical Study In Major Images and Symbols have been published in 2009. Sunyota o Palokprobaho (Voidness and Feather-flow), another collection of poems has been published in 2012.  Two collections of poems Trogoner Gan (Songs of a Trogon) and Jolmayurer Sato Palok (Hundred Feathers of Pheasant-tailed Jacana) have been published in 20016. Jholke  Otha  Swapnodanga  (A Gleaming Dreamland) has also been published in 2016 in which 63 Tang poems has been translated in Bangla for the first time. Two books he co-edited are: Puthi Rahibo Nishani: Heyat Mamud (A Commemorative Volume on the Birth Anniversary of the poet Heyat Mamud, 2006) and Begum Rokeya Smarak (A Commemorative Volume on the Birth and Death Anniversary of Begum Rokeya, 2005).

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